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Calendar of Events

May 1, 2010
Furry Scurry and Picnic
June 6, 2010
Airedale Romp
July 31, 2010
High Altitude Hike
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Welcome to the GDATC

What is an Airedale and why do they stir our passionate loyalties? We think the late Vicki Hearne, poet, trainer, teacher, and friend came as close to explanation as words allow:

"The truth is perhaps that the Airedale is not in the usual way a dog at all. The Airedale is a dog mimic, and the better he is at being a Airedale, the more you are likely to suppose that he is in fact a breed of dog, for the better he is at imitating dogs. If there are no dogs around to imitate, then he will just imitate your best idea of a dog, which is why so many people think Airedales are the best dogs. There are things Airedales can do that dogs cannot do. No dog can clown at ten o’clock, fight a bear at eleven, melt the heart of a stern old lady at noon, herd sheep at one, drive to the city to sniff bombs at two, bring in the cows at five, and change into black tie in time to greet the chancellor at eight – no dog can do all that, but an Airedale can, for it is his job to present to us as it evolves, spiraling beyond us, each instance of dog in crystal."

Vicki Hearne
"The Airedale: A Case of Genial Fraud"
Animal Happiness, 1994

We welcome you to our site. If you have a passion for Airedales as companions, competitors, workers, or just your best idea of a dog, we would welcome you to share that passion with us.

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Page last updated: August 6, 2010